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Expensive Places – luxury news agency

Expensive Places co.
May 1 street, Bucharest
Office Phone: 40314228997

Our International Team:
Leroy Rachel
Bio: Leroy Rachel is founder of expensiveplaces. Her target is to bring this website is top 10 luxury blogs by the end of next year.

Staff Writer – Vehicle section
David Marin
Bio: David Marin is a freelancer, online journal editor. He is our expert for expensive cars and luxury yachts. David is a former engineer, and lives on near Monte Carlo where he leads a very simple life.

Staff Writer – travel section
Renold Mike
Bio: Renold Mike is a webmaster and blogger who lives in Central Scotland. He is in charge with travel section and keep our website updated with latest plugins.

Staff Writer – Gadgets & accessories section
Raluca D
Bio: Raluca is a webmaster and blogger who lives in Romania. She is a webmaster and founder of gadgets websites like GadgetsMatrix and 7Gadgets.

Contributing Editor – business news section
Ramon Delver
Bio: Ramon Delver is Professor of Economics at Italian University, where he teaches graduate courses in business. Ramon is our expert in luxury business like real estate and luxury brands.

Contributing Editor – travel section
Liviu M
Bio: Liviu is a traveler writer. He like to travel all over the world and write about his travel experiences.

Contributing Editor
Di Lawrence
Bio: Di Lawrence is our specialist in art. In each article he reveal his vision behind true luxury and art. Fine humor and good taste are always present in his work.

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